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a person who writes, the composer of a literary work; maker, creator, originator, writer

Don Brown is the ‘creator, originator, writer’ of three professional works with McGraw-Hill, now published in English, Spanish, Chinese Short Form and Long, Japanese and Indonesian.

A believer in the power of the ‘simple truth’ to be found in data, Don’s primary focus is one of equipping as well as enlightening. Not just explaining success, but providing a model to replicate it. His work in print finds its genesis in his relationships with mentors and co-authors Paul Hersey and Marshall Goldsmith. Don carries on their legacy of helping people with people…to lead…to sell…to serve. He is forever grateful to them.

Mr. Brown’s books include:

BOBCover2-1-13Bring Out The Best in Every Employee

How to Engage Your Whole Team By Making Every Leadership Moment Count

Bring Out The Best in Every Employee shows you exactly how to leverage the untapped asset that’s already on your payroll. The fact is many managers neglect the critical mass at the top of their bell curve. That can mean the difference between surviving…and thriving.

 Bring Out The Best is an essential roadmap for any manager who wants to:

  • Identify and target the ‘core’ of their team
  • Discover what the ‘silent majority’ of their workforce actually wants
  • Create a personal, actionable engagement plan for every employee
  • Master the protocol and techniques required to develop the capacity of ‘solid citizens’

By surveying more than 6,000 workers around the world, the author has identified what to stop, start and continue doing to increase your return-on-leadership. Get ready for honest – and sometimes shocking discovery. The findings may astound you. The simple truths will strengthen you exponentially.

Praise for Bring Out The Best In Every Employee:

‘One of the things we’ll look back on 30 years from now is that this no-normal world has forced a higher quality of leadership than any era in history. Bring Out the Best is the ultimate leader’s handbook to that higher ground!’

Howard Morgan, Leadership Research Institute

Bring Out The Best shows you how to expand your team’s capacity – without adding a single headcount!’

Tim Srock, McLaren Health

‘We all know that the leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask. Bring Out The Best will get you started – it does the asking for you!’

Marshall Goldsmith, HBR #1 Business Thinker


What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – In Sales!

How Successful Salespeople Take It To The Next Level

Marshall Goldsmith’s best selling approach to positive, lasting, measurable change; stopping ineffective habits, is applied here to the critical interpersonal interactions of sales. The author’s research documents increased sales of 5 to 30 percent – with gross profit jumps of 50 percent! In short, this approach works!

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – In Sales! provides simple to use tools for maintaining and leveraging quality personal connections by doing something far easier than learning new behaviors – simply stopping old ones. Do you:

  • Needlessly verbalize and execute every possible step in the sales process?
  • Repeatedly initiate communication for no apparent purpose?
  • Attempt to verbally ‘one-up’ your customers in conversation?

The Authors name 16 bad habits in all, and they provide proven techniques for reversing their negative effects. There is no profession that depends more on positive relationships than sales. And there is no one more qualified to coach you to create and nurture productive sales relationship than What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – In Sales! You do have the power to change. Kick your bad habits to improve relationships, increase revenue, and enjoy a more fulfilling, enriching career.

Praise for What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – In Sales!

‘I love this book, especially the importance of empathy – care enough about what you are selling to personalize its value to your customer!’

Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company

‘In over 20 years of sales leadership, I had yet to see someone describe self-improvement through the elimination of existing behaviors rather than the creation of new ones – what a simple, concise, and personally applicable developmental tool. 

A must-read for everyone in sales!’

Chris Richardson, Abbott Vascular

‘Don Brown and Bill Hawkins, collaborating with Marshall Goldsmith’s incredible insight, have created a strategy and ideas that will help you grow, sell more, and prosper!’

Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of ‘The Little Red Book of Selling

BookImage_SituationalSituational Service®– Customer Care for the Practitioner

Situational Service is yet another confirmation of how much it pays to listen…

What it takes to really deliver on customer expectations will continue to be more challenging. It seems that as each of us works harder to provide the best of service, our own expectations of how we should be treated as a customer continue to rise. And our tolerance for mediocre service delivery…falls to an all-time low.

Now consider the service provider in the equation. It is no longer just a smiling face, an empty suit to greet you at the front door. The service provider is now a team leader, technician or manager – anyone that maintains the human interface between company and customer. It is everyone’s job. How well we deliver our product or service has become the first rate predictor of organizational health – long before the numbers come in. Customer care is lifted from nice to do, to critical professional skill set…and none too soon!

Slogans, wowing, dazzling and delighting. All are passé, if not insulting to the professional practitioner. In Situational Service Don Brown captures the thousands of real-life lessons shared with him over hundreds of live training sessions. He listened! Their collective centuries of experience around what works, what doesn’t and why, give us this unique application of the world’s most successful influence tool – Dr. Paul Hersey’s situational model.

Situational Service® – Customer Care for the Practitioner is a handbook, a desktop reference and a paper coach for the professional service practitioner.

Praise for Situational Service®:

‘It’s the key to total customer satisfaction because it acknowledges just how good our people really are, yet still remain within our processes. Situational Service® gives our frontline performers a common sense model for creating, enhancing and maintaining that vital personal bond between company and customer!’

Cathy Ellico, Jaguar Cars

‘The fluidity of the Situational Service® model covers every facet of customer care – from the basics, to the optimum individualized experience!’

Mark Foster, Hilton Hotels Corp


Don Brown has spent 30 years ‘helping people with people’ for the likes of Anheuser-Busch, Ford Motor Company, United Airlines, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Jaguar Cars and Hilton Hotels. See more of Don’s clients and their testimonials HERE.

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