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one who brings art or science to full realization; a person engaged in the practice of a profession or occupation; advocate, champion, interpreter.


Don Brown is a practitioner of applied behavioral science. Whether partnering with Anheuser-Busch in the development of their distribution leadership, supporting Maquet Medical Systems in their efforts to grow customer contact effectiveness, or building leaders for Fifth Third Bank – Don applies simple human truths to organizational challenges.

Consider for a moment Gladwell’s “10,000-Hour Rule” in relation to practice and mastery. Mr. Brown has over 60,000 hours of experience in the art and science of helping people with people. Add to that years of applied experience in professional association with the likes of Paul Hersey and Marshall Goldsmith, and customer relationships of 5, 10, 20 years and more. Writer. Producer. Account Director. VP and General Manager. Entrepreneur. Don Brown has honed his craft in partnership with leading global organizations across dozens of industries, from line level to C-level.

Today, Don partners with specific practitioner affiliates to provide you every competency it takes to help your people with people; The Center for Leadership Studies, Logic2Performance, BigSpeak, Training Industry Inc, Todd Durkin Enterprises, Forté Institute, Assessments Plus, Howard Morgan’s Leadership Research Institute and McGraw-Hill Professional.

The result? Again, simple truths. Don Brown now approaches every customer opportunity with concepts that are easy to understand and use – and that conform to client reality, to indisputable fact:

Simple Truth #1. Integrate effort within a higher calling – commitment and self-direction come from meaning and motivation. Knowledge of ones self, organizational context, personal preparation, behavioral change and affirmation of positive habits provide results that self-sustain.

Simple Truth #2. Make it multi-touch – research has proven that with follow up we get better. Blending instructor-led training with personal coaching, synchronous web-based events and non-synchronous applications both inbound and outbound, allows full adoption and benefit.

Simple Truth #3. Select the metric first – let your people know up front what will be measured and what will be gained. Then, have the guts to find out the difference you made.

Simple Truth #4. Plan three steps out – we can’t possibly know what the coming years will bring us. Externals now drive the business, but we can all plan at least 3 moves in advance…to transform concept into character, intent into impact.

Simple Truth #5. Inspire, or at the very least, unsettle – we move others toward change from within, not from without! Apathy breeds loss, tension can be healthy.

Simple Truth #6. Equip, not just educate – your people deserve outcomes that matter every day. To educate builds understanding. To equip encourages replication.


Don Brown has spent 30 years ‘helping people with people’ for the likes of Anheuser-Busch, Ford Motor Company, United Airlines, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Jaguar Cars and Hilton Hotels. See more of Don’s clients and their testimonials HERE.

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