What People Are Saying About Don Brown Learning & Development

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Don Brown for the past 15 years.  His insights and experiences have secured his reputation as a thought leader and a professional – who gets results!” 

Dan Borton, FACHE Corporate Director, 

Leadership Development McLaren Health Care


“Don is eminently insightful, focused and connected with the developmental needs of our organization. He is a valued and trusted business partner!”

Jeff Benton, Manager – Wendy’s Management Institute

The Wendy’s Company


“Don has been a constant advocate for leadership and change through focused practice and coaching.  Don has been a partner in training interventions that led to sustainable results.  He’s not only become a friend over the years but also a mentor and coach on all things involving leadership excellence.”

Dean Bruce, Retail Sales Improvement & Training

Ford Customer Service Division


“A motivated human being gets consistently reliable output from themselves and others. Give me a workforce in which even 60 percent fit the above – and I will move mountains! Don Brown shows you how to do just that.”

-Davis L. Holloway, United States Air Force



“Empathy is not abstract – it’s concrete! It is teachable, and matters bottom line. Let Don help you connect less to technology, and more to those you lead.”

-Dr. Sara Konrath, Assistant Research Professor

University of Michigan


“At Maquet we fix hearts for a living. Don will show you how to engage the heart of your team!”

-Raoul Quintero, President

Maquet Medical Systems


“We’re no longer the victims of our past – and you can be the leader you want to be! Don Brown will show you how to be present, to bring out the best in everyone you care for.”

-Dr. Terri Egan, Associate Professor

Pepperdine University


“To be an effective leader you need to have a heart big enough to take in all the people you are trying to lead, yet wise enough not to crowd out your loved ones. Let Don show you how.”

-Dr. Dan Saferstein

Sports Psychologist


“The foundational research that Don has conducted is right on – our people want communication, feedback, and not just autonomy, but the authority to try! Engagement happens one moment at a time.”

-Troy Van Hauen, VP Human Resources

The Maschhoffs


“One Fortune organization once reported that it interviewed 1,000,000 annually, that it hired 125,000 of them – and yet that their net productivity gain was only 15,000 employees! This paradox demonstrates the imperative to learning how to bring out the best in every employee you have.”

-C.D. “Hoop” Morgan III, Founder and Chairman

The Forte Institute


“What’s different today? The entire world, and everyone in it, is in the midst of a change curve. No one is exempt, and the productivity we need from our workforce is going to have to increase. Don helps to start that process, and to stopping the self- imposed barriers of the ego.”

-Chuck Sykes, President and CEO

Sykes Enterprises


“Today, it’s complexity that makes it tough on a leader – and an engaged team nonnegotiable. Don will show you how to expand your capacity without adding a single headcount!”

-Tim Srock, VP Human Resources

McLaren Regional Medical Center

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